Authored by Pam Luton

My Final Reflection

Among the most significant lessons that have made a great impact on my education is the English 112 class. It is a class that has changed my student status, since it has given me the opportunity to learn many things and perfect in a number of them. Before I had started the class, I experienced numerous challenges in writing and expressing myself in both formal and informal ways. The class has taught me to develop creativity, equipped me with different skills, and improved my critical thinking, analyzing of different situations and interpreting them using my words for easy understanding. Therefore, I have attained the ability to examine a situation and communicate it to others in a manner that readers can comprehend without difficulties. Among the issues that affected my writing most was the correct spelling for a number of English words. In fact, it is an issue that was contributed by the fact that English is not my first language. As an international student, I can acknowledge now that the course has greatly improved my writing. Now I understand different sounds and spell them correctly in writing. From the first essay to the third one, I have witnessed numerous positive changes. It is evident that I have developed new skills that are important for my personal and professional future life. Being organized is another important skill that I have learned in the course. Initially, I failed to organize the events in a systematic manner. Such issue made my essays harder to understand. In my recent paper, I can acknowledge that it is well-organized and written in an orderly manner. Moreover, being organized is one of the most important features in writing, since others can understand a piece of writing in a better way. In order to become an effective writer, one requires understanding the process of collecting data from different sources and applying them in writing. The module has fostered the ability to conduct my own research from different sources including books, articles, and the Internet. Literature analysis helps me to come up with a good piece of writing that is based on research and evidence. Initially, I had a problem with using different sources. Consequently, I copied direct data from the Internet and other sources and pasted it in my writing. The practice made me a poor writer, since it was recorded as plagiarism and illegal copying of other people’s work. Eventually I have studied how to handle a research and paraphrase information before incorporating it in my writing.

Lastly, I have also learned an important skill of referencing. Therefore, every time I use information that was researched and published by someone else, I am required to indicate the source in a professional manner. It is a skill that indicates the originality and the reliability of my piece of writing. It is true that my writing has changed and I have become a better writer. However, I am working hard to become the best one. The writing process to me means that I should be abile to use research for expression of a matter and use fiction to create an interesting essay that is easy to understand. The process of writing looks like the growth of a child who moves from a stage to stage perfecting many skills, especially when done repeatedly.

In conclusion, the class definitely has made me a better writer. I have greatly improved my writing skills and developed professionalism that will make my future career prosperous.

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